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IVECO M 135-17 Hydraulic work platform19924
IVECO M 165-24 Tank truck198614
IVECO M 175-24 Stake body and tarpaulin19887
IVECO M 175-24 Tank truck19885
IVECO M 175-24 Tank truck19915
IVECO M 175-24 Truck-mounted crane19917
IVECO MK 110-16 Stake body19843
IVECO MK 110-16 Stake body19877
IVECO MK 110-16 A Stake body19841
IVECO MK 130-16 Car carrier19864
IVECO MK 130-16 Standard tractor/trailer unit19883
IVECO MK 80-13 Tipper198415
IVECO MK 80-13 Box-type delivery van - high19853
IVECO MK 80-13 Tipper19863
IVECO MK 80-13 Car carrier19874
IVECO MK 80-13 Breakdown truck19885
IVECO MK 80-13 Dumper truck19894
IVECO MK 80-13 Tipper19896
IVECO MK 80-13 Box19906
IVECO MK 80-13 Three-sided Tipper19902
IVECO MK 80-13 Tipper19912
IVECO MK 80-13 Three-sided Tipper19913
IVECO MK 80-13 AH Tipper19855
IVECO MK 80-13 AW Tipper19872
IVECO MK 80-16 Tipper19861
IVECO MK 80-16 Tank body198610
IVECO MK 80-16 Stake body198811
IVECO MK 90-13 Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t19866
IVECO MK 90-13 Box-type delivery van19914
IVECO MK 90-13 Breakdown truck199110
IVECO P/PA 160-23 Roll-off tipper19875
IVECO P/PA 160-23 Roll-off tipper19895
IVECO P/PA 160-23 AH Tipper19886
IVECO P/PA 160-23 AHW Tipper19883
IVECO P/PA 170-23 Refuse truck19917
IVECO P/PA 170-23 Tipper19913
IVECO P/PA 170-23 Three-sided Tipper19918
IVECO P/PA 170-23 Tank truck19919
IVECO P/PA 170-23 Vacuum and pressure vehicle199211
IVECO P/PA 170-23 Tipper199312
IVECO P/PA 170-34 Three-sided Tipper199112
IVECO P/PA 170-34 Dumper truck19928
IVECO P/PA 180-23 Tipper19926
IVECO P/PA 180-23 AH Chassis19933
IVECO P/PA 180-23 AHW Tipper19925
IVECO P/PA 180-25 Tipper19923
IVECO P/PA 180-25 Tipper199319
IVECO P/PA 180-25 Three-sided Tipper19931
IVECO P/PA 180-25 AHW Tipper19914
IVECO P/PA 180-34 Tipper19936
IVECO P/PA 190-25 Three-sided Tipper19846
IVECO P/PA 190-30 Standard tractor/trailer unit19881
IVECO P/PA 190-30 Roll-off tipper19903
IVECO P/PA 190-30 HW Three-sided Tipper19923
IVECO P/PA 190-32 Other semi-trailer trucks19853
IVECO P/PA 260-25 AH Cement mixer19925
IVECO P/PA 260-30 Three-sided Tipper198611
IVECO P/PA 260-30 Tipper198815
IVECO P/PA 260-30 AH Tipper19893
IVECO P/PA 260-34 Tipper19908
IVECO P/PA 260-34 Tipper19927
IVECO P/PA 260-34 Standard tractor/trailer unit19925
IVECO P/PA 260-34 AH Mining truck19907
IVECO P/PA 260-34 AH Tipper199110
IVECO P/PA 300-30 Cement mixer19897
IVECO P/PA 330-30 Tipper19884
IVECO P/PA 330-30 Concrete Pump19895
IVECO P/PA 330-30 Heavy load19908
IVECO P/PA 330-30 Tipper19902
IVECO P/PA 330-30 Tipper19915
IVECO P/PA 330-30 H Breakdown truck19872
IVECO P/PA 330-36 Tipper198913
IVECO P/PA 340-34 Three-sided Tipper19904
IVECO P/PA 340-34 Roll-off tipper19916
IVECO P/PA 340-34 Truck-mounted crane199113
IVECO P/PA 340-34 AH Chassis199110
IVECO P/PA-Haubenfahrzeuge 150-16 Truck-mounted crane198514
IVECO P/PA-Haubenfahrzeuge 150-16 Tipper19872
IVECO P/PA-Haubenfahrzeuge 150-16 Three-sided Tipper19896
IVECO P/PA-Haubenfahrzeuge 160-17 ANW Three-sided Tipper199112
IVECO P/PA-Haubenfahrzeuge 190-30 NT Standard tractor/trailer unit198810
IVECO P/PA-Haubenfahrzeuge 330-30 ANW Tipper19893
IVECO Stralis 190S31 Box200810
IVECO Stralis 190S35 Stake body200510
IVECO Stralis 190S35 Stake body and tarpaulin20062
IVECO Stralis 190S40 Chassis20046
IVECO Stralis 190S40 Chassis200513
IVECO Stralis 190S40 Car carrier20051
IVECO Stralis 190S45 Tipper20074
IVECO Stralis 260S31 Other trucks over 7,5t200313
IVECO Stralis 260S31 Truck-mounted crane20074
IVECO Stralis 260S40 Chassis20048
IVECO Stralis 260S42 Swap chassis200614
IVECO Stralis 260S42 Stake body and tarpaulin20066
IVECO Stralis 260S42 Chassis20065
IVECO Stralis 260S42 Box20062
IVECO Stralis 260S42 Beverage200710
IVECO Stralis 260S42 Swap chassis20076
IVECO Stralis 260S42 Swap chassis200812
IVECO Stralis 260S42 Stake body and tarpaulin200813

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